Trinity’s Mission, Values and Vision

Our Mission:

To Connect People to Christ through God’s Word…

 Our Values: *

Grace:  God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense

Faith:  In Jesus, through God’s Word, expressed in Prayer and Worship

Hope:  Through Jesus’ Resurrection, and Confident of Eternal Life

Love:   Of Jesus, through God’s Word, expressed in Prayer and Worship

 *NOTE:   Our Values will direct everything we do:

They are non-negotiable.

They are the essence of how we do things.

They are the foundational beliefs that make us unique.

Our Vision:

– Trinity’s Preferred Future –

  Through God’s grace, Trinity Lutheran Church will reach out with His love to all people by:

 Providing meaningful and motivating worship opportunities for all ages.

  1. Equipping all ages to grow in a Christ-like life through a Christian school (Pre-school through 8th grade), Sunday school (Pre-school through 8th grade), adult Sunday and weekly small group Bible studies.
  2. Sharing one another’s joys and bearing one another’s burdens through personal help and prayer.
  3. Sharing faith, inviting others to worship, providing spiritual growth opportunities and extending hospitality in keeping with Jesus’ great commission to make disciples.
  4. Maintaining all of the needed resources and structures to accomplish Trinity’s mission.
  5. Providing an active and effective youth ministry.
  6. Provide relational activities focused to meet the needs of young families.
  7. Clearly and regularly communicate congregational goals and activities.