The Trinity Radio Club is one of our major ministries, reaching out to thousands of people both on radio and on the internet.   The Radio Club was begun in 1946 and has been one of our many ways to spread the gospel to people all over southern Minnesota.  Our entire service is broadcast each Sunday morning at 8:00am.   Also Lenten and Advent services are broadcast each Wednesday evening at 5:30pm during those seasons.   All broadcasts are done on KDHL AM radio, 920 KHz on the radio dial

Starting several years ago, we also began putting our services on the Internet as streaming video/audio files.   These broadcasts (podcasts) can be played anytime you prefer from the Trinity Radio Club’s streaming video website   These services can be reached from anywhere in the world by any computer connected to the Internet.

In addition, we recently began Live Streaming of our services that anyone can watch on their cell phone, tablet or computer. Again, just go to the above Trinity Radio and Video website to get instructions.

A fourth option in the Faribault area is that our Sunday services are recorded and broadcast on local cable TV. Charter Communications broadcast on channel 181 and Consolidated Communications (Hickory Tech) broadcasts on channel 10.  The broadcast times are each Monday and/or Tuesday at 3:30pm.

Whether worshiping in our sanctuary, or listening on radio, TV or by Interenet, we at Trinity Lutheran Church are working hard to spread Christ’s Gospel to every person and every nation.  We would love to have you join us!