Organ Specifications


The organ was designed and built in 1996 by the Berghaus Organ Company of Bellwood, IL with Dr. John Eggert serving as the church’s consultant. It is comprised of 28 ranks with 1,516 pipes on two manuals and pedal. Slider windchests are used for the Great, Swell, and Pedal divisions with an all-electric action windchest used for the Trompete stop. The movable oak console has keyboards of maple naturals and rosewood sharps. Tilting tablets placed above the top keyboard control the stops and couplers. MIDI capabilities are available on both manuals and pedal. The Swell and Pedal mixtures, Zimberstern, and MIDI components were installed in the 2004 Organ Completion Project.

Great Organ

Principal 8′

Rohrfloete 8′

Octave 4′

Spillfloete 4′

Nasat 2-2/3′

Hohlfloete 2′

Terz 1-3/5′

Mixtur IV

Trompete 8′






Swell Organ

Gedackt 8′

Viola 8′

Celeste c 8′

Spitzfloete 4′

Principal 2′

Quinte 1-1/3′

Scharf-Zimbel III

Schalmei 8′

Trompete 8′



Pedal Organ

Subbass 16′

Offenbass 8′

Choralbass 4′

Rauschquinte II

Still Posaune 16′

Trompete 8′

Trompete 4′


The Swell Division of the organ is located in the
wooden chambers to the left and is under
expression. The Great Division is to the right of
the Swell Division and the Pedal Division
is housed in the chamber behind the Great.


1885 – Barckhoff Church Organ Company

(This organ was sold to Immanuel Lutheran Church of Freedom Township in 1914. Restored in 1992 by the Rutz Organ Company, Morristown, MN, it is still in use today.)

1914 – Wicks Organ Company

1956 – Skinner Organ Company

1996 – Berghaus Organ Company